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A Powerful Alliance

Industry and Government Invest in Youth’s Digital Dreams

In momentous opening remarks, Erick Thohir, Ad Interim Coordinating Minister of Maritime and Investment Affairs of Indonesia and James Chang, CEO of Lazada Indonesia, united their voices to celebrate the pivotal role of youth in the creative and digital economy.

Chang’s passionate narrative highlighted Lazada’s remarkable journey, emphasizing the transformative power of empowering youth and collective dreaming. Minister Thohir added gravitas to the event, emphasizing the importance of united action in advancing the creative and digital economy across Asia. His vision for ACE-YS 2023 as “The New Wave from Southeast Asia” offered young creatives a platform to hone their skills, exchange ideas, and engage with global investors, inspiring a future where Asia leads in the creative and digital economy.

Charting Tomorrow's Course

Empowering Youth with Strategic Vision

In the keynote sessions, a diverse array of international experts and government officials provided invaluable insights, inspiring and equipping youth for success in the creative and digital industries.

Amar Subramanya, VP of Engineering at Google Bard, emphasized the role of artificial intelligence in redefining creativity, igniting inspiration among the audience. Dr. Allen Au-Yeung, with his extensive experience at The Walt Disney Company Asia, delved into the critical balance between access and protection in the Asian digital economy. Dr. Rizal Edwin Manansang highlighted the potential of digital transformation in driving Indonesia’s economic growth. Meanwhile, Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, envisioned a future of collaboration and innovation in the Asian digital economy.

These diverse perspectives collectively encouraged the youth to adopt a strategic mindset, ensuring their preparedness for the dynamic landscape of the creative and digital industries.

Igniting Creativity and Innovation

At ACE-YS, we celebrated young creatives, from aspiring creative entrepreneurs to emerging artists, through our inspiring Creative Talks. 

We meticulously handpicked eight talks, each diving into various aspects of the ever-evolving creative and digital world.

From decoding the secrets of content innovation and navigating the digital-age monetization game to mastering the art of digital music success, we left no stone unturned in arming our audience with essential skills. For the gamers out there, “Gaming for Impact” showed us how games can be a force for social and cultural change in Southeast Asia, while “eSports: The Asian Gaming Phenomenon” gave us a thrilling peek into the booming gaming industry.

If you’re all about crafting Asian cultural narratives and animation, “Bridging IP Development” was a journey not to be missed. And trust us, you don’t want to overlook the magic of “Culinary Diplomacy” – an exploration of how food can connect cultures through Southeast Asian flavors. And when we gazed into the future, “The Future of Asian Creative Economy” painted an exciting vision of what’s coming next in the world of creativity and innovation.

While ACE-YS 2023 has ended, the inspiration and possibilities it ignited are just beginning.


Our Collaborative​ Commitment

INDICO and GDP Venture Boost ACE-YS for Upcoming Creative Initiatives in Asia

We are thrilled to announce our shared commitment with INDICO and GDP Venture to foster innovation, promote digital inclusion, and advance the digital creative economy in the Asian region. Together, we’ve outlined our shared commitment in Jakarta on October 29, 2023, which encompasses collaboration on digital and creative innovation, community building, resource utilization, establishing a technical working group, and cross-promotion.We are thrilled to announce our shared commitment with INDICO and GDP Venture to foster innovation, promote digital inclusion, and advance the digital creative economy in the Asian region. Together, we’ve outlined our shared commitment in Jakarta on October 29, 2023, which encompasses collaboration on digital and creative innovation, community building, resource utilization, establishing a technical working group, and cross-promotion.

Creative Catalyst Program

This program unites influential individuals aged 18-35 from ASEAN+3 countries, including creative practitioners, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and community leaders. Catalysts collaborate through two distinct routes: Delegates Route and Creators Route.

The program aims to foster mutual understanding, create sustainable global partnerships, and provide talented innovators with unprecedented market access and investor networks.

Creative Catalyst Delegates & Creators

Networking Dinner

The cohort kicked off the much-awaited ACE-YS 2023 with a Networking Dinner hosted by Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital. This event brought together a vibrant mix of attendees, including our creative catalysts, partners, speakers, and facilitators.

Together, we’re building a solid foundation for our shared journey and reveling in the limitless potential of Asia’s creative and digital economy.



Creative Catalysts: Delegates Route

Youth-Led Discussions on the Future of Creative and Digital Economy

The ACE-YS Creative Catalyst Delegate program brings together influential youth to drive the Asian creative industry forward, fostering discussions and promoting cross-sector collaborations among creative practitioners, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and policymakers. Through a series of roundtable discussions, they explore four main topics: the future of cultural and creative gig workers, financial access in the digital creative economy, fostering youth creativity and entrepreneurship, and equal access within this sector. The program is made possible with the support from Asian Development Bank, British Council, Pijar Foundation and Data Science Indonesia. Its ultimate goal is to culminate in the ACE-YS Collective Vision Joint Declaration, fostering mutual understanding and fostering sustainable partnerships.

Creative Catalysts: Creators Route

Showcasing Talent, Gaining Insights, and Connecting with Industry Leaders

The Creative Catalyst Creator program within ACE-YS offers a packed experience for showcasing talents, gaining insights, and connecting with industry experts.

Participants have the opportunity to exhibit their creative work in the ‘Show & Tell’ exhibition, where they can captivate and inspire peers and potential collaborators. A panel discussion on ‘Access to Funding & Markets for Creative Products, Projects, and Services’ provides valuable strategies and insights for taking creations to the next level. The program’s highlight is the ‘Investor x Creator Networking Session,’ offering a platform to connect with potential investors and collaborators, thanks to the participation of industry experts, venture capitals, and partners, notably Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Alpha JWC Ventures, GDP Venture, British Council, Antler, Indigo Telkom, and Pijar Foundation.



Creative Catalyst

ACE-YS Collective Vision Joint Declaration

This joint declaration embodiment of collaborative efforts by the vibrant youth represented as Creative Catalysts. It positions youth at the core of shaping Asia’s creative and digital economy. In this dynamic process, these young visionaries actively engage with experts, offering insights and innovative solutions during roundtable sessions. This declaration is not merely symbolic; it’s a call to action, an actionable roadmap to create a meaningful impact.

Policymakers, industry leaders, and stakeholders will find a set of practical recommendations and strategies within it, guiding their initiatives and investments toward a vibrant, sustainable creative and digital ecosystem in Asia.


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