July 4, 2024

Bridging Arts and Ideas: Inside the ACE-YS Visit to Mahavisual

Collaboration and collective action have always been the driver of the digital creative industry. The key to creating a robust ecosystem lies in the fusion of ideas, visions, and exploration of innovation fueled by the synergy of diverse creative minds.

In this spirit, the Asian Creative and Digital Economy Youth Summit (ACE-YS) organized a friendly visit to Mahavisual Studio in South Jakarta on June 26, 2024. As a creative studio and an artist management company, Mahavisual holds a set of values that seamlessly aligns with ACE-YS’ commitment to fostering collective action in the creative economy sectors.

Meeting the Mahavisual Folks

The ACE-YS delegations were personally welcomed by the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Mahavisual Fakhruddin Arrazi, familiarly known as Razi. He expressed his delight regarding the visit, citing that the meeting between ACE-YS and Mahavisual strongly reflected the spirit of youth within the creative industry.

“This is a government-level initiative that really wants to gather young people in the creative economy industry and connect them all in the Southeast Asian or even Asian level. In my opinion, this is a very big vision. I hope this (vision) will manifest and be sustainable in the future,” said Razi.

Furthermore, Razi wished that ACE-YS could serve to bridge artists’ aspirations to the government, such as in expanding artist residency opportunities and visual art programs across Southeast Asia and beyond. This hopeful sentiment was mirrored by the Head of ACE-YS Fadhila Hasna Athaya.

“Our hope is that this visit will open up opportunities for collaboration with Mahavisual,” said Fadhila.

Fakhruddin Arrazi (left) with Fadhila Hasna Athaya (right) exchanged gifts from both ACE-YS and Mahavisual. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

Peeking Through The Colorful World of Mahavisual Artists

Ardho Khalifa, Art Director of Mahavisual explained the story behind one of the artworks featured in Mahavisual’s office to ACE-YS delegates. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

ACE-YS Visite—as in, Visit-to-Create—to Mahavisual was filled with a series of warm and enjoyable activities. The studio invited ACE-YS to an office tour led by Ardho Khalifa, Art Director of Mahavisual. As he introduced different rooms and their functions, Ardho also pointed out various striking paintings and installations adorning every wall and corner of the studio. They were apparently the works of renowned Indonesian artists under their management, such as Popomangun, TEMPA, and Yessiow.

Gawanti Syafitri (middle) facilitated a sharing session where ACE-YS delegates got to know more about Mahavisual, including its works and team members. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

Next, the ACE-YS delegates were invited to join a sharing session. In this occasion, Account Manager of Mahavisual Gawanti Syafitri introduced a number of Mahavisual’s flagship projects, such as the mural at the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit, ‘Gelora Ragam’ the largest floor mural in Indonesia, and the art installations for music festival Pestapora. She also took the time to explain the unique challenges of each project, the solution the team came up with, and the lesson learned for the future. 

The mural adorning the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit tunnel. ©Mahavisual

One of the installations in Pestapora 2023. ©Mahavisual

“If there is an opportunity to collaborate with ACE-YS, we want to create something we’ve never done before, something new. We definitely don’t want to just repeat what’s already been done,” said Gawanti at the end of the session.

Design-Communication Teamwork Game: Where Ideas Come to Life

One of the visit’s highlights was the teamwork game led by Project Manager of Mahavisual Emanuel Mozes Saripatty. The game engaged ACE-YS delegates in a communication exercise where a person would pass along an instruction to other team members, all the way until the last person in line, who would be tasked to put the relayed instruction into a drawing. A game of telephone, if you may. 

Not only entertaining, this game encouraged its participants to think creatively and strategically in a simulation of formulating a brief from a “client”, then executing it to completion. This activity sharpened team coordination skills and introduced new approaches to problem-solving.

The excitement of the ACE-YS delegates who participated in the design communication teamwork game session. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

One of ACE-YS delegates, Aubrey Charissa Bhrawardhana, shared her thoughts about the fascinating games. “It was such a fun and exciting game. I learned so many things, especially the importance of clear communication in teamwork. And I think that value can be applied in various aspects, such as working on projects.” 

The visit was closed with a networking session, where Mahavisual team and ACE-YS delegates exchanged valuable insights on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in their respective work. For both parties, this casual dialogue served to generate fresh perspectives applicable to numerous potential projects going forward.

Paving the Way for Future Collaborations

Through this Visite, ACE-YS and Mahavisual took the first step to explore various opportunities for future collaboration. This aspiration was echoed by Emanuel in his closing remarks. “We need to offer something fresh and new! Let it be a surprise for the future,” he concluded.

With a grand vision of bringing more organizations to join the collective action piloted by ACE-YS, this Visite is expected to continue and become a significant milestone for the future of the creative industry in Indonesia and Asia.

Writer : Khalid Rismoyo & Ramos M.Y. Siahaan
Editor : K. Langit Rinesti

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