Creative Catalyst


Experience the power of collaboration in ACE-YS Creative Catalyst – Delegate program, fostering mutual understanding and forging sustainable partnerships across borders.

Creative Catalyst all across ASEAN+3 Countries consisting of Creative Practitioners, Policymakers, Creative Entrepreneurs and  Community Leaders whom applied as a delegate will come together and commit to produce Joint-Declarations that establish collective youth action for Asia’s creative & digital economy.

By having a comprehensive perspective and gaining insights from the ground, we become a valuable resource for shaping top-down policies and government-regulated programs. Together, we will create policy recommendations and joint statements that accommodate the interests of all parties to achieve common goals.

Apply now to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate with other creative catalysts to visualize the advancements needed in the creative and digital industry.

ACE-YS will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 28-29 October 2023.

Who are the Creative Catalyst Delegates?

Creative Practitioners

  • Demonstrated skill and talent in a creative field such as visual arts, performing arts, design, writing, music, film, etc.
    Portfolio or examples of previous work showcasing creativity and innovation.
  • Passion for their craft and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Ability to collaborate and work effectively in a team.
  • Potential for creating a positive impact within the creative and digital economy.

Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Founder or co-founder of a creative business that has shown growth and innovation.
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial skills and business acumen in the creative industry.
  • Positive impact on the local or regional creative ecosystem.
    Strong leadership and management abilities.
  • Vision for the future of the creative and digital economy and plans for sustainable growth.


  • Experience in policymaking related to the creative and digital economy.
  • Understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the Asian creative industry.
  • Track record of advocating for policies that support creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Ability to collaborate with various stakeholders and drive positive change.
  • Knowledge of emerging trends and technologies shaping the creative and digital sectors.

Community Leaders

  • Active involvement and contribution to the local creative community.
  • Demonstrated efforts in fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among creative professionals.
  • Commitment to empowering and supporting emerging talent.
  • Advocacy for diversity, inclusivity, and social impact within the creative industry.
  • Engagement in initiatives that promote the growth and sustainability of the creative and digital economy.

The ACE-YS Collective Vision Joint Declaration

The ACE-YS Collective Vision Joint Declaration is a collaborative effort by creative catalysts attending the ACE-YS summit, aiming to generate a visionary document that outlines strategies and recommendations for advancing the creative industry in Asia. 

Through intensive discussions and networking sessions, the catalysts will identify key challenges, opportunities, and trends within the Asian creative and digital sectors. They will then engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas, brainstorm innovative solutions, and develop actionable recommendations. The resulting vision will guide policymakers, industry leaders, and stakeholders in shaping policies, initiatives, and investments that support the growth and development of a vibrant and sustainable creative ecosystem in Asia, emphasizing the importance of collective action.



The Future of Cultural and Creative Gig Workers in Informal Sector


Financial Access and Opportunities for Digital Creative Economy


Fostering Youth Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Equal Access & Mobility within Digital Creative Economy​

The Program

Why Creative Practitioners,  Policymakers, Creative Entrepreneurs, and Community Leaders should apply as Delegates?


Collaborate on opportunities


Increase your visibility


Collect strategic insights & engage in in-depth discussions


Influence on policy


Increase your capacity in strategic thinking


Join in the ACE-YS community

What are you going to experience as a Creative Catalyst Delegate?

As a Creative Catalyst Delegate, your ACE-YS journey promises an exciting lineup of experiences that will empower and inspire.

You’ll kick off your adventure with a welcoming dinner, where you’ll connect with fellow delegates and key players in the creative and digital industries.

Throughout the event, you’ll participate in engaging roundtable discussions, exchanging insights and ideas on vital topics.

But the highlight of your journey will be the opportunity to contribute to a joint declaration, where you and your fellow delegates will help shape strategies and recommendations to drive the creative and digital economy forward.

Get ready to immerse yourself in meaningful discussions, forge valuable connections, and leave your mark on the future of Asia’s creative and digital landscape.

How to apply?

Applications must be made through the ACE-YS Creative Catalyst form by midnight Jakarta Time (GMT +7) on Monday, October 9 2023. Applications will only be accepted if submitted via the link above.

Application Timeline

9 October

Application Deadline 

10 - 11 October

Selection process

12 October

Selected Creators are informed via email and selected Delegates announced online

Friday, 27 October

Creative Catalysts arrive in Jakarta, Indonesia and attend Welcoming Dinner

Saturday, 28 October - Sunday, 29 October

Two full days of summit 

Monday, 30 October

Participants departure from Jakarta, Indonesia

Board of Curators

Stay tune for our Board of Curators announcement!











Recognize a potential creative catalyst delegate? Please recommend them for this program

Nominate before September 7, ideally sooner.
Nominating someone does not improve their chances of being selected.