October 2, 2023

Driving the Acceleration of Creative Economy ASEAN+3, ACE-YS Called Upon 130 Young People to be Part of the Delegate and Creator Creative Catalyst

The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs of Indonesia and Selaksa in collaboration with Lazada Indonesia, also supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), GDP Venture, and Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital will conduct Creative Catalyst Program as part of the Asian Creative & Digital Economy Youth Summit (ACE-YS) from 28-29 October 2023.

The summit invites young professionals from ASEAN, China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ASEAN+3) to join its first-year Creative Catalyst program. A total of 130 young professionals aged between 18-35 years old, including creative practitioners, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and community activists will be invited to exchange their experiences and collaborate in problem-solving, with the aim of boosting the creative economy growth in the area.

The Creative Catalyst Program is a transformative initiative that gathers young professionals in the field of creative and digital economy with two different paths: the Delegate Path and the Creator Path. The Delegate Path expects participants to share knowledge and exchange ideas related to the creative economy sector in their respective countries to create a vision related to the collective action of the youth in the creative economic industry in Asia.

Meanwhile, The Creator Path is expected to present the innovation and creation they have created to gain partnership and funding support from the investors. They will participate in the Creator x Investor Networking Session and will receive a showcasing booth in the Show & Tell Exhibition.

Odo R.M. Manuhutu, The Deputy for Tourism and Creative Economy Coordination, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs & Investment of Indonesia states that the Creative Catalyst program has acted as a melting pot. ”They will gather and commit to produce a joint declaration that will aim to ignite a collective youth action for the creative and digital economy in Asia.”

Lazada’s support for the ACE-YS event is a part of the company’s commitment to accelerating the economy through empowering the young generation in Southeast Asia. With Lazada’s presence in most countries in Southeast Asia, Lazada hopes to continuously contribute to opening up opportunities for the young generation in Southeast Asia to connect and collaborate with each other in the digital and creative economic ecosystem at Lazada.

Viandira Athia, The Co-Head Creative Catalyst Programme of ACE-YS states that through this program, they try to connect cross-border creative practitioners and find solutions collectively. “With having a comprehensive perspective and gaining knowledge from the field, the creators and delegates that are part of the creative catalyst will become valuable resources to produce recommendations towards the government policy while also considering the perspective of the youths that come from various backgrounds. Together ACE-YS will produce policy recommendations and a joint statement that will accommodate the interest of every party to achieve the common goal. Let’s connect, exchange ideas and thoughts, and collaborate with another creative catalyst to realize the progress needed in the creative and digital industry.”

Fook Yen Chong, Senior Social Sector Specialist ADB, said “The Bank is in favor of advancing the creative and digital ecosystem in the region to boost the growth of human capital. ADB’s participation in ACE-YS is an embodiment of that spirit and we are proud to also work with talented youths across the region in this context.”

With the slogan “New Waves from the SEA”, ACE-YS works to become the center of a collective youth action to map out and connect actors from creative and digital industries in Asia to navigate a global opportunity that will start from the SEA (Southeast Asia). This Summit is hoped to be able to promote the creative and digital economy that is supportive and sustainable in Asia by embracing the youths and demographic bonuses in this region.

The Creative Catalyst program is now open for registration for delegates and creators from ASEAN+3 Countries until October 6, 2023. To register, you can directly click on this link: https://ace-ys.org/creative-catalyst.

About ACE-YS

ACE-YS is an initiative to accelerate the collective action between the creator, creative entrepreneurs, policymakers, community, and investors in Asia, as well as to promote a dynamic and sustainable creative and digital economy with a special focus on Southeast Asia in its inaugural year. The conference organized by the youth and for the youth will be held in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah on October 28-29, 2023.

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