IP 101: Own and Protect Your Creative Works

The high diversity of the creative industry sector in the country makes the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) very important for actors and business people. The hope is that they can protect their innovations and artworks, so that later they can contribute significantly to the national economy. 

Unfortunately, IPR awareness and implementation still face many challenges. From the actor’s side, many lack an understanding of how IPR (which in this session will focus on Copyright and Trademark) can provide protection and increase the value of their business. Some of the things that led to this lack of awareness of the importance of IPR include: 1) the abundance of legal terms that are less familiar to the public, 2) difficult access to information, and 3) limited financial access to file copyright claims. 

In addition, each sector faces different challenges. Some are already protected by the law and some are not yet regulated.

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Please note that this Time Out event will be conducted on-site and will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩

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IP 101: Own and Protect Your Creative Works


Intellectual Property

27 June 2024 | 15.00 - 18.00 (GMT+7)

Jakarta, Indonesia


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