NSIGHT: Italian – Indonesian Design Mingle

Organized by NStudio and Fedrigoni Indonesia
22-24 March 2024

Inspired by insight, NSIGHT is a design community forum initiated by NStudio to share and exchange ideas, views, and insights on various topics. In collaboration with Fedrigoni Indonesia, a renowned Italian paper manufacturer, we unveiled the inaugural NSIGHT volume, focusing on the central theme of the Italian-Indonesia Design Mingle.

Italian design is known worldwide for its craftsmanship, innovation, and timeless style. Italian designers are famous for pushing creative boundaries in fashion and industrial design. They work closely with manufacturers to ensure top-notch quality, making Italian products highly desirable. Brands like Ferrari and Armani have helped establish Italy as a symbol of luxury and sophistication. With prestigious design schools nurturing talent, Italy continues to influence global design trends. Even in Indonesia, Italian design has made an impact. Though the design scene here may differ, Italian and Indonesian styles are worth celebrating.

The design reflects culture and history; understanding it helps us better appreciate society. This forum explores the unique perspectives of Indonesian and Italian design, highlighting their influences and innovations.

We aim to discover the beauty when these two worlds collide. It’s about celebrating the differences and finding connections between Italy and Indonesia. Through this exploration, we celebrate diversity and find inspiration in the encounter of Italian and Indonesian cultures.

Terms & Conditions

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How to Join?

Buy the tickets for on-site participation: https://www.loket.com/event/nsight-italian-indonesia-design-mingle-offline_IO0

or for online participation: https://www.loket.com/event/nsight-design-forum-offline-ticket-only-icdy

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NSIGHT: Italian – Indonesian Design Mingle



Graphic DesignProduct Design

22-24 March 2024

Jakarta, Indonesia


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