Our Speakers

At ACE Youth Summit 2023

Andrian Pauline Husen


Meet Andrian Pauline “Pak AP”, the driving force behind the growth of e-sports in Indonesia and the Co-Founder & CEO of @teamrrq

Unearth the secrets of his journey, from talent identification to community cultivation, and understand how he has maintained RRQ’s position as a premier e-sports organization, captivating countless gaming enthusiasts by joining this Creative Talks: The Asian Gaming Phenomenon

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Antonny Liem

Founding Partner GDP Venture

Meet Antonny Liem, a true millennial maverick with over two decades of experience in the tech and marketing industry. His impressive career spans various management and senior executive roles, making him a renowned figure in the Indonesian tech landscape.

Antonny’s commitment to fostering innovation is evident through GDP Venture, his platform for nurturing startups in Indonesia. As an investor, he emphasizes the importance of sustainable growth over reckless expansion, encouraging companies to prioritize profitability and thoughtful business strategies. His investment approach centers on evaluating not only the product and business partners but also the founder’s capacity to execute their vision.

With over 50 investments under its belt, including notable names like IDN Media, 88 Rising, and Gojek, GDP Venture’s impact is undeniable. Are you ready to explore the future of the Asian creative economy alongside Antonny Liem?

Don’t miss the chance to gain transformative insights at Creative Talks: The Future of Asian Creative Economy. Join us in shaping the creative landscape of tomorrow.

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Helianti Hilman

Founder & Executive Chairperson, Javara Indonesia

Good food, good health, good deed.

Helianti Hilman is dedicated to preserving Indonesia’s diverse food biodiversity heritage and bridging the gap between local delicacies and the global market.

She’s on a mission to ensure the sustainability of Indonesia’s culinary traditions while fostering connections on both national and international scales.

Join us for an inspiring journey of Helianti Hilman, the Founder & CEO, Javara Indonesia, at Creative Talks: Culinary Diplomacy: Building Bridges through Southeast Asian Cuisine.
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Ivan Chen

CEO & Founder, Anantarupa Studios

Meet the genius behind Lokapala: Saga of the Six Realms: Ivan Chen, the visionary founder and CEO of Anantarupa Studios who transformed his passion for Indonesian culture into a captivating MOBA game.

From film to the gaming industry, he made a daring career switch that transformed the landscape of Southeast Asian gaming.

Join Ivan Chen in an inspiring discussion at ACE-YS 2023, where he will share insights about how Lokapala bridges the gap between history, culture, and esports. Explore the gaming revolution and be part of a brighter future. 🎮🌟

Note: The session will be on Saturday 28 Oct 2023, 14.00-15.00 (yup, there is typo on the poster 🙇🏻‍♀️)
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Mochtar Sarman

CEO, Juara Raga Adidaya & The Licensing Guy

Introducing Mochtar Sarman, a creative trailblazer with an extensive background of over twenty years at Disney. His incredible journey breaks free from typical art limits and showcases creativity and the importance of intellectual property. Get a glimpse of his inspiring story in this post.

Ready to explore the realms of animation and IP development? Uncover the secrets of merging IP development and animation with Mochtar Sarman and other inspiring panelists at ACE-YS Creative Talks: Crafting Asian Cultural Narratives: Bridging IP Development & Animation.

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Nabila “Nabbsky” Sulthana

E-sport Pro Player, RRQ

Dive into the inspiring world of competitive gaming with Nabila Sulthana, known as Nabbsky, who began her professional eSports career in 2014.

From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Valorant, her story reflects the rapid evolution of the industry, especially for female gamers. She’s witnessed the rise of female in eSports, proving that determination and skill know no gender boundaries.

Discover how eSports has become a platform for empowerment, challenging stereotypes and earning the respect it deserves. But there’s more to explore as Nabbsky announces a new chapter, delving into content creation and streaming.

Don’t miss her story and the future of eSports at Creative Talks: eSports: The Asian Gaming Phenomenon.

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Ogie Baringbing

Head of Livestreaming & KOL Engagement, Lazada Indonesia

Meet Ogie Baringbing, Head of Livestreaming at Lazada Indonesia, and discover the untapped potential of live streaming in the digital era.

Ogie believes it’s not just about connecting with friends; it’s a game-changer for businesses, offering boundless opportunities for interactive branding.

Join Ogie and industry experts for Creative Talks: Content Innovation and Monetization Strategies in the Digital Age.

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Primadi Serad

Program Director, Djarum Foundation

Meet Primadi Serad, the Program Director of Djarum Foundation. 🌟

Primadi’s work revolves around one critical question: Why is resilience in vocational education essential? His answer lies in the demographic dividend – that unique period where the population’s largest segment falls within the working-age bracket.

This dual nature of demographic dividends presents both a challenge and an opportunity. Primadi advocates for prioritizing vocational education, ensuring that our youthful workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for sustainable employment and economic growth. It’s a strategic step in preventing a potential demographic disaster and steering our demographic future towards prosperity.

Join us in ACE-YS Creative Talks: Crafting Asian Cultural Narratives: Bridging IP Development & Animation to hear Primadi share his two cents on how his team preparing vocational students at SMK Raden Umar Said Kudus for the jobs of the future.

Don’t miss this chance to explore and understand the vital role of vocational education in securing our demographic dividend.

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Ronny Gani

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Kawi Animation

Meet Ronny Gani, a true self-made success in the world of animation.

Discover more about Ronny Gani’s inspiring journey in animation and his insights into crafting Asian cultural narratives.

Join our creative talks and gain valuable knowledge from a seasoned animation expert. Secure your spot now for “Crafting Asian Cultural Narratives: Bridging IP Development & Animation” at https://ace-ys.org

Don’t miss the chance to explore the world of animation and its cultural impact!

Shieny Aprilia

CEO Agate International

Meet Shieny Aprilia, a visionary in the gaming world, who has turned her childhood dream into a remarkable reality. Co-founding Agate International in 2009, she has played a pivotal role in the creation of over 300 games across various platforms. Her mission has always been clear: bringing people together through meaningful play. In 2022, Shieny achieved another milestone, joining the ranks of Indonesia’s female CEOs.

Shieny’s vision for Indonesia’s game industry is ambitious. She envisions a thriving gaming ecosystem, supported by a strong gaming community and government backing. In her eyes, Indonesia is poised to elevate its game industry to new heights.

Join Shieny Aprilia in an inspiring discussion at ACE-YS 2023, where she will share insights on the potential of gaming for social and cultural change in Southeast Asia. Explore the gaming revolution and be part of a brighter future. 🎮🌟
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Winston Utomo

Founder and CEO, IDN Media

Meet Winston Utomo, a media and entertainment business visionary and the Founder & CEO of IDN Media.

Under Winston’s leadership, IDN Media, founded in 2014, swiftly became the voice of Millennials and Gen Z in Indonesia, amassing a massive 80+ million monthly users.

Discover the secrets behind his journey, from passion to innovation, and learn how he’s sustained IDN Media’s industry leadership as a top tech-driven media company, capturing the hearts of countless youth.

Join the Creative Talks: “Content Innovation and Monetization Strategies in the Digital Age” to hear the insights from Winston and other inspiring panelists in the session.

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Rich Brian


Brian Imanuel Soewarno (born 3 September 1999), known professionally as Rich Brian, is an Indonesian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor.He is known for his viral debut single “Dat $tick”, which was first released in March 2016 on SoundCloud.The single was later certified gold by RIAA.

His debut studio album, Amen, was released in 2018 and peaked at number 18 on the US Billboard 200.Brian’s second studio album, The Sailor, was released in 2019. He released an EP titled 1999 in 2020. He released another EP titled