July 2, 2024

Timeout Ep. 3 | IP 101: Safeguarding IP to Safeguard Sustainable Economic Opportunities

Jakarta, June 28, 2024 – The discussion surrounding intellectual property (IP) does not end with the ideation and creation of a work. Protecting the ownership of a work is very important, and yet this is something many creative industry players in Indonesia have not fully understood. Consequently, they would often miss out on the immense opportunities presented by a well-managed IP. 

The Asian Creative and Digital Economy Youth Summit (ACE-YS) responded to this issue by organizing Timeout! Episode 3 “IP 101: Own & Protect Your Creative Works” on Thursday, June 27, 2024. Taking place at the ACE-YS Secretariat office, Semesta – Selaksa HQ, Central Jakarta, this discussion brought together leading IP experts and practitioners in the country as well as 30 selected participants from various academic and professional backgrounds.

Timeout discussion on Intellectual Property (IP) in the creative industry with Mochtar Sarman (left), Ratri Ninditya (first from left), and Rahadian Agung (first from right) as speakers, and Ezra Mandira (right) as moderator. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

Coming as panelists were Mochtar Sarman (CEO, Juara Raga Adidaya & The Licensing Guy), Ratri Ninditya (Research Coordinator, Indonesian Arts Coalition), and Rahadian Agung (VP Business Development, SpringBoard), with musician and academic Ezra Mandira acting as the moderator.

Collaboration and Ecosystem Development to Optimize IP’s Economic Potential

Mochtar Sarman opened the discussion by showcasing the great economic potential of an IP when matched in a collaboration with the right brand. The ex employee of the American IP giant Disney presented several case studies and the resulting impacts, including the success of the cooling water brand Cap Kaki Tiga’s branding collaboration with Disney.

Mochtar Sarman explained how a collaboration between IPs and brands can create unique added value.  ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

“An IP, when collaborated with another brand, can offer something different that can elevate the brand. For example, in terms of connection, an IP can provide relevance for a brand to its target market, then difference—distinguishing a brand from others, reassurance—increasing consumer trust, and market expansion opportunities through the storytelling of the used IP,” said Mochtar.

Reflecting on his experience working at Springboard, Rahadian Agung added that an IP could flourish from a community ecosystem. Through multiple collaborations, his company had previously succeeded in producing great works such as the racing event Scooter Prix and the concert by the American recording label 88rising.

“The Scooter Prix departed from the vespa community at KASKUS. First held in 2024, Scooter Prix is recognized as the largest vespa event in the world. From this achievement, now the Scooter Prix is no longer just an event, but has moved towards a competition,” he explained.

Rahadian Agung shared how IP multi-sectoral synergy within an ecosystem could potentially open up profitable new business opportunities. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

After discussing the many great economic potentials of an IP, Ratri Ninditya shifted the talk towards highlighting the issue of IP practices from the perspective of the welfare of creative workers. Ninin, as she is familiarly known, presented the results of a research conducted at the Indonesian Arts Coalition titled Diam-diam Merugikan (“Quietly Harmful”) which laid down the problematic aspects surrounding the copyright protection for musicians in Indonesia.

“Copyright never provides maximum protection for musicians, but rather for intermediaries (record labels, digital platforms, etc.). Musicians or performers do not receive maximum treatment, and this happens because copyright laws dictate all works entering the digital realm to be commercial,” said Ratri.

Ratri Ninditya highlighted the rampant inequality of royalties and copyrights of IPs in the creative industry, specifically for musicians and performers. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

“In the past, musicians sold 1 million pieces of songs, the proceeds could buy houses and cars. But, how about now?” she continued, clearly illustrating the irony of creators living in the digital era.

What Could Be Done for the Future of Indonesian IPs

During the Q&A session, participants used the opportunity not only to pose their questions to the panelists, but also to share their concerns regarding the issue at hand. 

Dinda Larasati, one of Timeout Ep.3 participants, expressed her thoughts during the Q&A Session. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

“Because (the IP) is ours, don’t let others steal it from us. People must respect our rights as a creator if they want to use our work, because it is the result of our hard-earned efforts,” said Friska Titi Nova who initiated the literary movement Pustakawan Mendunia.

Yury Herdian, a representative of KADIN (The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), expressed that Timeout provided a space for industry players to connect and empower each other through knowledge sharing. Yury was one of several Indonesian governmental agencies representatives who attended the event; others were from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI), the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu), the National Cyber and Crypto Agency, and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf). 

As the discussion came to a close, the three panelists agreed that the way to safeguarding Indonesian IPs is through a strong, collaborative ecosystem fully supported by the government. 

Timeout Ep.3 panelists, moderator, participants, and crews took a group photo at the end of the session. ©ACE-YS/Gani Amin

Writer : Ramos M. Y. Siahaan, Khalid Rismoyo
Editor : K. Langit Rinesti

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